Apr - May - Jun 15 Days Ontario Kilimanjaro
15 days

Mt. Kilimanjaro

A journey to this great Mountain is not merely a climb it’s an exploration. For...

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Aberdares 2 Jan - Feb - Dec 5 Days New York Aberdares
5 days

Aberdares Hike

Aberdares The Aberdares in central Kenya are a 160km long mountain range north of Kenya’s...

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Nairobi Park Jan - Feb 15 Days London Aberdares
15 days

Kenya Epic Tour

Samburu National Park Samburu National Park is situated in the arid and rugged part of...

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Gazelle Jun - Jul 6 Days Canada Lake Naivasha
6 days

Kenya Safari

Solio National Reserve This private owned protected Reserve is geared towards Rhino conservation. The Rhino being...

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Mount-Kenya Jan - Feb - Dec 8 Days Los Angeles Lake Nakuru
8 days

Mt Kenya Trekking

Masai Mara Mara Reserve is one of the most popular tourism destinations in Kenya -...

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